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The end is nigh!

I'm not allowed to walk here!
I'm not allowed to walk here!

My apologies for taking so long to tell you about my penultimate day, but I have been catching up on all our entries, and have to say that I am very moved. And today something happened when I walked into Dublin that you cannot explain, but it just happened.



I was walking past my second bus shelter, and saw a young lady sitting there staring ahead (I refer back to my good, bad and indifferent reference), but it was not in ignorance. I walked past, and whatever made me turn back, I asked “Are you ok?”. The tears welled up in her eyes, and such sorrow. I could not help but just hug her. And when I asked where she is from, she said Poland. And when I asked her what happened – she said her granny had just died.

What can you say? In the words of my “Big Chief” – at the end of the day, we are all one.

Even the Garda was out in force to welcome us!
Even the Garda was out in force to welcome us!


That all said – another powerful thing is that of adrenaline. Yesterday was right up there as one of the worst days of my life. I was physically ill with pain, it had seemed that interest in my mission had dwindled, and most importantly, that I might have failed those so near and dear to me.

But alas! Behold – I did a live interview with Ray D’Arcy no more, no less! Some say I should have given him a chance to speak, but God, I was so exhilarated, that no matter  how bad the infection in my right heel – pure adrenalin got me to Dublin in one piece! You see, this is not just about creating awareness; this in the end is the single biggest physical challenge I have ever tackled. I’m no athlete, Sherlock!

Although only 14.2km today – that brings my total for a six day traipse across 3 counties to 132.4km! That is more than 3 consecutive marathons in 6 days! Now Sonia O’Sullivan – just move over there, girl.

And poor Kevin has had to live with my ups and downs the past couple of days, whilst battling with the flu as well – fair play to him (although we will discuss you gear change and clutch handling later!) and thank you so very much!

 I am about to enter the final straight of this little walkabout of mine.  Allow me a couple of moments of soppy sentimentality. To all that I not only call my colleagues, but my friends – thanks for humouring me the past couple of weeks, and most importantly – for your belief. To my darling son Helmut, Dave, Ras and Frodo – I will get all the washing done the moment I return – so sorry about the delay, but at least there are now enough black socks to go around.

As for the rest – I look forward to having the “lads” join me tomorrow. Martin is racing up form New Ross to beat me to St Stephen’s Green in record time (on a bicycle), and then we are going to have a nice little picnic in the Park. Thereafter, Davy Byrne’s here we come!

I’m not running out of words – just out of repetition – I am just SO happy!

With all those chicken references – I must now be Flamin’ Hot! I smell the end of Kentucky as we know it.

A huge thank you to the Stillorgan Park Hotel for putting us up!
A huge thank you to the Stillorgan Park Hotel for putting us up!


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