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That something so small can hurt so much!
That something so small can hurt so much!

I had it all planned – I was going to extol the virtues of all things African today. I felt great this morning, minor stiffness, and once again – thanks to Sarah for treating my muscles like gods every day I get back. In actual fact I felt so great that I could have almost skipped the route today. Yes, I was wearing my trusted MBT’s (for those not in the – Massai Barefoot Technology), and my specially imported Karoo Mohair Socks. What could possibly go wrong?

Disaster struck completely on 18.9km! I had to stop for the day, as I have a blister at the bottom right heel and the pain was a bit more than I could handle.

That said – it was a great day till then. The response to everything has gained momentum, and I cannot thank everyone enough for their encouragement. Also thanks Ray D’Arcy – you are a gentleman. Most importantly – thanks for correcting them on my “chicken” status!

One particular highlight was a lady that stopped at one of the Gorey turn offs – I ask you with tears in my eyes – did I honestly look like someone who knew what the directions to Bally-ma-anywhere was? I was dumbstruck by the fact that she thought I might be knowledgeable on directions – like an overdressed Garmin!

Another highlight was that my back up vehicle got a flat tyre – and poor Kevin had to struggle on his own, as I am petrified of my legs cramping up! Fair play to all – Kevin got it fixed, and even though I was unaccompanied – everyone managed to avoid me. Once again I wish to advise when walking that it is paramount to always wear HIGH VISIBILITY CLOTHING!

Martynas raced from the hotel with another pair of the infamous Mohair socks, but alas, it was a little too late and the damage was done. I had to return to the hotel, deflated, with a blistered ego and sore heel –  3 kilometers short of my daily goal.  Then the miracle happened!

For those who have not seen the movie Cool Runnings, this will mean nothing, but for those who have – when I returned to the hotel, imagine my surprise when all the staff stood in the lobby, and clapped all round to welcome me back. Immediate thoughts of the final scene in Cool Runnings leapt to mind.

With one slight difference – tomorrow I am doing it all again! So, till the next time, I’ll kiss the egg, and just say: “Ja man – Cool Runningggggggggsssssssssss!”

2 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. When the road is long .. keep smiling!! .. when the pain kicks in .. keep smiling!! .. When the blister hurts like **** .. keep smiling!! .. Because it’s always worth the effort and we know you’ll always keep smiling!! .. Good 4 U Betty Marie (easy 4 us to say from the comfort of the smoking room, drinking vino .. but we are with U in spirt!!!!)

    1. Guys – you have no idea how much all your support over the past months have meant to me! Thanks for the good wishes – and when this is done we, I am so sitting down for one of those vino’s with you!

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