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Non je ne regrette rien!

The Flamin' Shamrock at the top of Grafton Street - I now have no more shame!
The Flamin' Shamrock at the top of Grafton Street - I now have no more shame!

Yes, I did it! 138.4km later, and I can finally silence those sceptics that did not believe I could do it – because there ( sticking out tongue childishly with a “na-na-na-na-na”), I proved you wrong. Never underestimate the power of pure passion and determination.




Now that said – I am very glad this is over. Said blistered foot is also delighted, and happy to report that all antibiotics have kicked in, and will live to walk another mile.


Yesterday was just surreal! And 24 of the lads from the hotel joined me – yes, the poor things had to hit the bus at 5.30am – an hour of waking that I know was still vey foreign until then to many. And as if that was not enough, what can we say about Martin? He left New Ross by cycle at 6.15am, and arrived in St Stephen’s Green 3 hours and 15 minutes later – not a bother! And he wasn’t even on the “right bike”.


All in all, this has been a great week, with all its ups and downs, its snow and sun – but the highlight has to be the end on my soap box at Grafton Street, with the lads dishing out FREE water and sandwiches. The exercise is still overwhelming me purely because everyone has become SO suspicious. Have we truly turned into a nation of non believers? Is it too much to want nothing more from you than to see you smile, give a little something – and in return just ask that you remember what hotel we are from?


Anyhow – the lads from that “oh so Posh” Blackrock school was there, and they were wonderful support, helping us carry water, etc, whilst collecting money for GOAL, and even playfully accepting that one looks like a Boris Johnson in the makings. And let us not forget the chant of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”


My final and absolute personal mortification was when I re-enacted Dean Martin for some Italian Students with a very commercial rendition of “When the moon hits your eyes…..”.


And as if that was not enough, I completed my X factor beer crate moment for some French Students with a warbled performance of Non je ne Regrette Rien.


In conclusion – that is all I have to say – I simply have no regrets. I hope I have made all around me proud, and have not embarrassed anyone too much. I thank Kevin and Dave for their back up, but most importantly – I thank Big Chief, Mrs HQ and every single person I have the honour of working with for allowing me my little quirky ideas, and even better – for supporting them. In these times we are in how very blessed am I!


So, I think that brings this blog to an end now.


Although….. Did I mention that I have never walked to Cork? Maybe Enniskeen – I heard I have some more family there… Apparently the weather will be great in march 2010….

Myself and the lads at the Canal - how could you not take a leaflet from us?
Myself and the lads at the Canal - how could you not take a leaflet from us?

One thought on “Non je ne regrette rien!

  1. WELL DONE YOU!!!!
    not that we ever doubted you could do it!! You are the
    we look forward to a drink with you on us and you can regale us with your stories of your amazing achievement!!
    Congratulations!! See you soon

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