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No guts – No glory!

The pain in my right foot is still indiscribable at the Avoca River
The pain in my right foot is still indiscribable at the Avoca River

I have never had such pain – it felt like giving birth through my right heel when I touched the tarmac the first time this morning. I had to stop within a couple of steps.

The content needed for our best blister remedy from Southern Africa, as prescribed by my favourite witchdoctor – Hyena urine – is not easily accessible in Ireland. So I had to settle for a bit more antiseptic salve, another plaster, a change of bandage, a change of the infamous Mohair socks, copious amounts of Ibuprofen (as not prescribed by any doctor!) – And plough ahead.

And plough I did – the first 2 hours were the most agonising of my life – I will even admit to the odd tear. But my fellow friends, as the adage goes – where there is a will, there is a way.

I am delighted to report I have caught up with my lost kilometres, and am very happy to inform, that at the end of Day 4, I had reached Jack White’s pub – 28.2km from where I started.

The confession I have to make is the thought of an ice cold Guinness at the end of the road, was like turning a horse to stable – a gallop to say the least. Where it came from, I truly cannot say – but with a resolve that I barely could believe was in me, I upped my pace, and in the last 2 hours must have walked over 12km alone!

It was a loner’s road today as well, because I spent most of the day on the Arklow bypass, which meant I did not have as much cheer and encouragement as I have had the first couple of days. That said, once I got off it – everyone was as supportive as one could wish for, and that might have also helped me with my lightened gait.

No misconceptions though! When the pressure came off the old hoof, the blister was very eager to make it’s whereabouts known, and even as I type – the throbbing is constant.

I did not have much time for observations today – understandably – but I have to say something. It is amazing how many things you notice that would normally pass you by at high speed when you are racing to Dublin. The countryside and valleys are beautiful, the little cottages snuck just behind view are quaint, and all the memorial stones (far too many to mention) are oh so very poignant. And still everyone chases on…….

Tomorrow is another day! I wish to inform that if you have ever suffered from sleep deprivation, now is the time to listen to this cure – I guarantee it works. Just walk about 20km during the day at a brisk pace, and you will sleep dead to the world for at least 8 hours!

Before I hit the pillow though – one other little gripe that has demoralised me a bit today – but just a bit. First and foremost I am doing this walk for the hotel and my fellow colleagues. How cynical then of the press to just see this as a promotional stunt.

Did anyone out there bother to think that if this was purely for publicity, it would have been much easier for me to hire someone to do this? Can people have become that suspicious of a person believing in what they do? Is it so wrong to want to actually do something good? Or give something nice to another?  Yes I want to create awareness (or publicity – whichever sits better), but I actually feel a bit hurt that someone might be in doubt of my intentions.

Right, I feel better now that I have that off my chest – albeit a manly one! YES, today someone said they saw a MAN dressed as a chicken along the road – you would not want to be sensitive doing this!

So I leave you with this question – why did the chicken cross the road?

End of day 4! P.S. Thanks for the pint, Jack White's!!! And the ncie lunch!
End of day 4! P.S. Thanks for the pint, Jack White's!!! And the nice lunch!

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It’s great that you’re in the perfect colours to take inspiration from the mighty Red machine that destroyed the once great Madrid last night.
Best of luck today but be careful as your support driver might not be in the best of form tomorrow after the special one knock out the scum tonight.

Thanks for the early wake up appreciated

The early wake-up call was my pleasure! As for this red danger – good thing they noth wear red. For my own health and sanity, I would prefer if my support driver’s team wins tonight – so he can look after me well!!!

Congratulations and best wishes Bettie – Marie and all in Brandon House from your friends in New Ross Lions Club.

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