The Walk

New Muscles!

23km Later - this is the end of Day 1
23km Later - this is the end of Day 1

It is official – I have set new records is muscle discovery, and for anyone who doubts it – they just have to see my knew “blikners” swagger, which is a very difficult thing for a woman to achieve without foregoing immense pain.



That said – it was a great day yesterday. The gods must be smiling on me, because the moment we left the building, the drizzle disappeared, and it was even bright and sunny on occasion.

The interesting part of this exercise is to see people’s reactions. I have now categorised them into the “Good”, the “Bad” and the “Indifferent”. The Good are truly delighted with it, and at worse give me the thumbs up, but mostly they hoot and cheer and encourage. The Indifferent just stare straight ahead, as if this is the most normal occurrence on Irish roads, and even their kids seem to have that blasé attitude. But my favourite has to be the Bad, for they are so fearful that they might be contaminated by whatever I have, that they almost crash into ditches as they turn their faces away as not to make eye contact.

Dem humans are funny people!

Needles to say, it’s the good that kept me going! It truly uplifts the spirit, the legs and the “why-am-I-doing-this-again”?  thoughts that cross my mind sporadically after the 15th kilometer! So for all those yesterday that at least cracked a smile, and shouted encouragement – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Then there is the generosity of some that even stopped and donated to my fundraising efforts – even though it is part of a competition – to them I say thank you as well.

But now I have to face Day 2. I stopped about 2 km outside Clonroche yesterday at the Beechdale Garden Centre, which means I walked exactly 23km in total.

Today the plan is to go through Enniscorthy, and possibly get as far as Ferns. Here’s hoping that the body will stop rebelling the moment my new muscles warm up!

Along the way we even passed Wales!
Along the way we even passed Wales!

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