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Jane Fonda - stretching those new muscles!
Jane Fonda - stretching those new muscles!

Ahem, before I update on my second day, I wish to clarify a possible misconception that has arose. This blog, and the fundraising that I am doing is purely in my private capacity. My primary goal is to create awareness around The Brandon House Hotel & Spa, and our €10000 Feel Good Giveaway.


Now that I have that off my chest – Day 2.




I recall one of my first touristy gifts I ever bought was one of those t-shirts that showed 4 sheep in the 4 seasons of Ireland, and it was raining in every sketch. Today I felt like that sheep, except there was only one day but 4 seasons in the whole. I am proud to announce that today I braved snow outside Clonroche (and thank you Jim for walking a couple of miles with me – it meant the world), I saw hail in Enniscorthy, and at times I was covered in rain. Yet, most of the time I can say that all seasons were followed by a spot of sunshine and a ray of warmth.

I took a while this morning to warm up, and I have to confess that at one stage I thought I would be barely be able for 5 km, but once the new found muscles warmed up, it was business as usual, and once again thank you to all those who have encouraged me along the way.

Then came the 18th kilometer, the sign for Ferns in my sights – but when asked have I got any specific pain – I realised that at this stage all those new found muscles had decided to have a bit if a revenge party – together! I preferred it when they were oblivious to each other, and one was operating from the derriere, whilst the other was doing its thing from behind the knee. But alas – they decided to all groan together, and it was a little cold, so in answer to which one – they had mutated into one muscular ache that was as dull as a migraine, but as supple as an octogenarian trapeze artist.

And the final score? 22.8Kilometers. One thing is for sure though – me thinks I should start a little earlier – so it’s off to bed for me now, and I will post again at the end of day 3 tomorrow, and please encourage me wherever you see me – it truly makes the road a little shorter!

P.S. If you notice a slight change to the attire – the following was added: 1 X Red Raincoat (lost property) and 1X cheap and cheerful set of pajamas (one half on the outside and one half on the inside) to keep me warm.

End of day 2!!!!
End of day 2!!!!



Just wanted to say hi, and wish you all the best on your walk, it looks to be a very ambitious endeavor. I love the photo above- that’s exactly where i would be, outside a coffee shop, lol.
Also- I wanted to thank you for your understanding and kind thoughts. Things are looking good for me- so far no cancer!!! but the doctors are still concerned and I will be having another minor surgery to be sure. Take care and be safe, and let me know how those suits hold up!

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