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Achilles Heel

The road is long.......
The road is long.......

I simply have no choice but to continue with my analogy. Yesterday was like being in labour for five hours, but having to give birth through your heel, only to find out that you have a breach blister, and that they will have to remove it with forceps.




Today I think I am going to find out what this new procedure feels like!

Now – just when I was wallowing in self-pity, and relaying this to my friend Anton in New Zealand – he simply asked: So, am I expecting a bloyster or a glister? So hence why I did not update my blog yesterday – I was screaming for an epidural!


With all that in mind, I am sure that you will understand that this is going to be brief as well. I am happy to report that the garden County is as beautiful as ever, and that the spring is in many a lamb.


I am particularly grateful to Brian and all at the Glenview Hotel for taking such good care of me – genuinely brilliant – and the view!


But for now, all I have to do is get through this day. With no Hyana urine in sight, I can only wish for a stray Indian elephant to step on my right foot,  or a rabid leprechaun to much at my heels – and see you on the other side!

P.S. I still managed 26km though!

Is it a smile or a grimace? Your guess as good as mine!
Is it a smile or a grimace? Your guess as good as mine!



5 thoughts on “Achilles Heel

  1. Hi Bettie Marie, We have been following your walk and admire you greatly. You really are an inspiration and look forward to talking to you next week when you get back.
    Join us in our little corner of the bar for coffee.
    Best of luck with the rest of your walk,
    Carmel, Tom and Kate

    1. Oh I’ll be back on Wednesday in full swing – can’t wait for a bit of normality and business as usual! See you then – and thank for all the support!

  2. hey hey!!!you are making great progress fair play to you!!!! i will be seeing you tomoro as i am one of those gettin up in the middle of the night!!!!!!!!lol to join you on the final stretch… are doing really good!!!!!!!!love the blog!!!!!;)

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