The Walk

Facing my fear of heights - me on top of Hook Lighthouse!
Facing my fear of heights – me on top of Hook Lighthouse!

The route is as follows:

I hope to walk around 25km every day (around 16 miles for the old schoolers!), starting on Saturday, 7th March from the Hotel Reception.

I will be going through Clonroche, Enniscorthy, and then follow the N11 thereafter. I have agreed to be kind to traffic, so I will not walk at peak times, as the least of my intentions is to annoy anyone in a rush.

I hope to finish on Friday, 13th of March in St Stephen’s Green by 11.30am. There, weather and planning permitting, we hope to give away the €10 000 prize to the most deserving nomination. Therafter I am going for a SERIOUS pint in one of my favourite Dublin establishments, Davy Byrne’s off Grafton Street – and hope that some of the staff, and hopefully some new mates will join me.

I have to stress that I am not  about to attempt any record breaking, as I am a “big” girl, and just the completion alone will suffice for me. I am accompanied by Kevin, who is also the deputy here, and we hope to meet some kind people along the way that will give me a place to stay. If not, I am hoping that some of my colleagues might have a room to squat in! Only time will tell.

I have nothing truly planned, except to have a laugh, but I know I will need all the encouragement I can get, so if you happen to be driving past – give us a wave or a hoot, and maybe even meet us in Dublin?

It’s quite simple really – anything for a bit of a laugh!

14 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. Bakgat Betsmeraai!! So maak ‘n donnerse (ver-Ierste) dutchwoman. Ek sal elke dag ‘n verversingkie vat, nee meer as een – een namens en nog een op jou. Ek is seker jy gaan ‘n moerse tyd he en boonop sal die bietjie oefening you figure goed doen.
    Hoe ver is dit alles tesame, ek meen nou padlangs?

    1. Altesaam 158km, maar alles maar een stappie op ‘n slag. Los my figuur uit die storie – nadat jy SO indie publike rondloop, het mens geen meer skaamte! Ek hoop om darem self so een of twee Genesies te klap langs die pad!

  2. Het hom uitgewerk as omtrent 100myl (6×16) plus ‘n bietjie vir dag 7. Dis omtrent van Graaff Reinet tot Noupoort (153km) of Cookhouse (161km) of Steytlerville (147km) of Hannover (158Km op die kop!). Hoop daar is meer verversingsposte op jou pad.
    En, hoe loop ek dan innie publiek? Waas jou evidence? Los die Djin ook maar, nou nou net neuk dit uit die bottel uit en dan kan jy maar se Cassandra se moer en so aan.

    1. Dis die plan so ver, maar soos hierdie spiere van my nou voel kruip ek eerder terug kooi toe. Het dit nog nie verwerk in SA terme nie, maar ja, ek hoop om so +/- 23-25km per dag te stap, en dan dag 7 is al die mense van die werk weer by my, dan stap ons net 8 km in Dublin toe en maak baie geraas! Ek het ‘n support kar, en ons neem fotos en video – maar hierdie is ‘n klein landjie, so ek is seker ek sal dadelik gesien word as ek moes in die tjor spring. En nee, ek Djin nie, ek doen my een of twee Guinesses met – met nie ‘n Casandra in sig!

  3. Pat told me about your walk. Good for you. Will follow your progress. See you in a couple of weeks when I return home.

    Sandra xx

    1. Really appreciate that Sandra – many thanks for the support – and see you when you’re over. We’ll spoil you rotten in the Spa!

  4. Hi Bettie,

    Well Done! Brilliant idea! I am travelling later in the week to Dublin. Where on the road are you likely to be on Tuesday Night or Wednesday Morning I’ll try and pass that way! Arthur Little

    1. If it’s Wednesday morning, you are sure to see us along the way! N11 all the way – should be in St Stephen’s Green by 11.30am on Friday! Well, this is part of our GREEN environmentally initiative – surely we are now entitled to our Silver Award!!!

  5. You are truly an inspiration and hero to us all
    When you are going to do s/africa give me a call, the weather is better.

    1. Are you turning into a soppy sentimentalist on me! Thanks for the SA idea – but I think I’m going to rest for a while!

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