2.07.2015 Thursday – #mywexford

July 2: Quad Attack!  Follow link for all details!

My first - but not the last time Quadding
My first – but not the last time Quadding

I was meant to quickly pop into this spot for a few minutes on my way to Dublin this afternoon – needless to say – thanks to the exceptional hospitality of Ailing and John Cullen at Quad Attack just outside Clonroche – The Big Smoke had to get skipped! (Sorry Orlaith)

Well, thanks to Una O’Dowd for the suggestion at the last minute – but can I say just what a brilliant time I had! Imagine arriving in just a suit after work – with a day’s work behind you – and then being strapped into some protective gear, put on a quad bike – simple instructions and safety – and we were off! I did not know what to expect – and after a few tentative first minutes – I was in heaven.

As it was a sunny and dry day – the surrounds reminded me a bit of Farms in South Africa – but there is mud, water, rocks, crevices – and the list goes on! If anyone told me I could enjoy something like this as much as I did – I’d never believe it and I can highly recommend it for everyone.

What I also liked, is that even though they close at 6pm – that is not official, and they are very flexible with times and open to staying open if there is a need till up to 9pm! VERY FEW attractions or entities in wexford can say the same – so well done to John and Aisling for that.

As it was – there was a Spanish Language group that arrived – and besides the quad bikes (they also service and sell Yamahas) – They opened the doors to the Crazy Corral for lots of Sumo, Bouncy, Bungie and Rodeo fun! Teenage kids were all having a blast and lots of laughs! I would never have on my now even thought of this – if not recommended – and will be sure to tell all and sundry about this great discovery (although John informed me that they have been there for almost 20 years)

Seems they cater for just about anything and anyone – can easily accommodate on short notice – and favourable priced. So perfect for tourists as well as locals – and fund for the entire family from 6 years up.

Behind barn doors...
Behind barn doors…
Fun for all ages - great for Tourists, Team Building and list goes on
Fun for all ages – great for Tourists, Team Building and list goes on



1.07.2015 Wednesday – #mywexford


July 1: Let the quest begin!

Besides one brief visit to Croke Park for a disastrous match many years ago – I blush to confess, but I have never been to any hurling match, not even to speak of practice. So I was delighted to spend my first day in Oilgate/Glenbrien pitch watching an U6 training session. Words like Ambidextrous, Dedication, Excitement, Tough and Resilient are just a few that springs to mind if I think of the hour I spent there.

Now it has to be said – thanks to the wonderful input of Wexford GAA I am happy to say that there is almost a match every night at around 7.30pm in the local clubs – and I encourage anyone with even a passing interest or curiosity to attend.

It’s easy to find the clubs on most Map Apps, and I am sure a quick question to any one of the locals will point you int he right direction.

The skills – and especially seeing how honed they are even between the ages of U6 and U8 are quickly noted, and even if just for the fresh air – truly wonderful day out.

So I do pose the question – why can’t Wexford Park have a weekly match there that we can advertise for tourism? Or can Wexford GAA maybe see promoting the club matches as a tourism entity – to show people what the next “1996 champs” might look like? I wish to thanks Brian for the invite – and Conall and Patrick for posing with me (even though they would not come an inch closer – and a hug was out of the question!)

Here’s hoping to many more Hurling outings in the years to come – and for those folks who are involved – remember – some of us don’t have small kids, or are not members of a parish – so please do extend a hand and invite to anyone showing a passing curiosity to spread the word!

Conall & Patrick showing support!
Conall & Patrick showing support!