#mywexford Challenge

I Love Wexford – have from the very first day I set my feet in it. Why? It’s diversity, it’s variety, it’s multi-layeredness (if that is even a word) and the fact that on the one hand it is steeped in Culture and the Contemporary – and on the other hand you simply have to fall on a less beaten track, and you will find treasures no-one knew of and rural Ireland at it’s finest!

So why #mywexford?



Simple really – I had some plans for every day of the month of July , which now has to be postponed – which left me with my evenings free.

So I started wondering – bar restaurant and pubs – what is there for me to do randomly every day after work that won’t cost much – that will allow me to meet people and engage in interesting activities or areas that I have not seen. And there lay my problem – I love Wexford. I love to promote Wexford – but what do I do between 6-9pm every day with myself if I also don’t want to watch TV and read all the time?

Someone mentioned line shore fishing (or something to that effect). Yip – have always wondered what that was like, but before you even explore – where do I get line? What type of line do I need? Do I need a permit? And the list goes on… so there goes that idea-unless someone invites me of course!

Another person said I should really go to a U12 Hurling practice – the kids are great! Really? I have no young kids, I don’t belong to a parish, and I am a blow in…. easier said than done. Would not know where to even start… Unless someone invites me of course!

And quite a few other suggestions came along – but no one could tell me how to make them a reality – because maybe we are simply not geared towards “Random Tastes of Wexford”

So hence my challenge – from Wednesday 1 July 2015 till 31 July 2015 – I will be using this blog and various social medias to invite people to share #mywexford with me – nthough their eyes!

Pumpkin Spit Training in Ballymabollocks? I’ll be there – if invited of course! Counting sand in Courtown? I can do that?

I’d like to get to really know #mywexford – as I’ve never seen it before!

So please join me on this journey of exploration – or even better – suggest many wonderful things for me to do!

I will be leaving straight from work to wherever the invite/suggestion leads me! I need exact addresses (I am directionally dysfunctional) and need to know if I need special clothing (hence not a suit) – I am already going to Duncannon one Friday to do Yoga on the Beach!

This is as much a challenge for me as all the wonderful people of the Model County!

For quick feedback or suggestions – please complete the form below!

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