The Valley of Desolation
The Valley of Desolation

There is not much that I can write that has not been written before, and far be it for me to be qualified anyway, however, it is the contrast that I wish to tell you about.

Everything in the town revolves around water. Not dissimilar to Ireland, but here we complain about the rain – whereas every drop in Graaff-Reinet is a gift.

The tempretures vary to the extreme with every season – hence why I never complain about the mild Irish weather.

To write in words will not do it justice, but it is the soil that I miss most. The mountains and the furrows, the whitewashed homes and the flat corrugated iron roofs, and the picture book painted shutters.

The people.

Please visit the links, so if ever you travel to South Africa, you be sure to wander off the beaten track, and enter the heartland’s soul.

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