Days 55-79

If it gets this bad.... then I must quite the game! But how cool is this anyway?

Oh what a pitifully bad person am I??? Without realising, and after yet more requests, it is almost a month that has passed since my last blog. Yes – I’ve been busy. As in – to my tonsils (or in my case, the spot where said tonsils used to be) busy with so many things that I had to prioritise the importance of my daily blog versus the realities of staying up to date with work and life – I opted for the latter.

So since I have last been here – I have stayed in a state of Ketosis, gone off a state of Ketosis, when they tried to force all these healthy foods down my throat, and am now happily BACK in a state of Ketosis. I am still religiously doing al my exercises every morning (bar Sunday, when to my greatest distress I realised that Ketosis and some red wine do NOT go together – there is a reason why they tell you NOT to drink any alcohol) – and am crunching, lunging and push upping away.

I have lost just over one stone all together (please note that when I went healthy I put on – but I was cheating, as I was not as full as when I lived off my current diet of Fat, more Fat and protein).

Right…. case in point. I started this blog at 17h23 this afternoon – I am now only getting ready to post it, and it’s 4 hours later, as I am on duty this evening, and getting back the taste of what it’s like to run around with food to all sorts of tables all night at top speed.

I shall leave you with this final thought that I was reminded of tonight though – crucial for the hospitality industry: preparation, preparation and more preparation makes the job MUCH easier…. and presentation is EVERYTHING!

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