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Day 9 – One Step at a time

The Tart with a Cart

Today I had to do 10 minutes of steps. Now for whatever reason – I am having flashbacks and memories of my eight years of ballet (forced upon me) by Mommy Dearest whilst keeping up with the petite daughters of the Jones’s. I never had the guts to tell her I felt like Dumbo on stilts – with my awkward height and unbalanced hips. What did I know at age 4?

How I got on the ballet memory YET again today, was recalling the first tentative steps in ballet, when Aunty Marlene would chant – whilst we had to do “fairy movements” with our arms – to go “Step together! Step! Hop!” There is also a melodic ring to it that I cannot quite capture in writing, but it has stayed with me forever – Almost like the Margot Fonteyn Prayer.

So many memories made me use Facebook to its full advantage. I mailed her one son and found out how my Aunty Marlene was doing – and I am happy to report that she is well, and still teaching in Port Elizabeth. Isn’t modern technology amazing.

And then I get back to my habit of procrastination – how often do we think of people, and don’t act? How often do we think about someone, and make a silent mental note to contact them – and never do? How difficult is it to let someone know that they had a profound influence on you as a human being in some way or another. I mean – get real! How would I ever have been able to stand my ground with Philadelphia’s finest drag queen without the air and grace that Aunty Marlene mantra’d  into me?

I digress….

I have only 233 calories to go for dinner – and yes, I had a cornetto of 285 calories, so I am my own worst nutritional enemy! Most importantly, I did my steps – I’m with my man and darling Pauline who’s cooking delicious pork fillet in Dublin. I did not get caught for speeding en route, and I am doing Dublin, some museums and gay theatre tomorrow – mini break here I come.


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