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Day 7 – Holy Communion!

In the name of all that ends well!

This is going to be extremely fast – and indeed not even near furious – as we are simply the greatest! As for my 10 minute excercise today – I got it in the kitchen. Yes, I was the “barker” as our chef so lovingly refers to the position. I had the honour of calling away every meal served in this hotel between 2 and 4 this afternoon – of which 485 of them was for communions. We will have fed more than 1000 people by 5pm this afternoon, with not one single glitch.

I am so proud of my team right now, that on this lovely mother’s day I feel like one very proud mother, with her brood of 96 that she could not boast enough about. OK – I hear you! Never boast too much about your kids, because you never know when they are going to let you down. And in that lies my answer – we have just come SO far, that even with a speed wobble – I am still so proud of the team that are not only my colleagues – but my friends, my family and my support.

I am going to go home on this lovely day floating towards a nice Gin & Slimline Tonic (57 calories – I’m still counting!) The amount of beef I picked in the kitchen is at least 300 calories, but I am sure I have burnt some of it off, and most importantly – I don’t care if Marcin chases me with a shambuck all round the garden – I am going on a 10 minute STRIKE today.

Everything will be back to normal tomorrow again! What a week – and what a high to end on with all that was in it. I’m giddy with pride!

One thought on “Day 7 – Holy Communion!

  1. Oh, I wish I were one of the lucky guests to have dinner at the BHH&SCS. I bet it was a lovely Mother’s Day. What did you serve? My family and I went to a restaurant in a town called Los Banos which is about 20 miles from here for Brunch. It is a Mexican restaurant called Espanas. The food was set out Buffet style and was delicious, but far too much of it. American food mostly, hardly a Mexican treat in sight, but what they had was a cholesterol and calorie counters nightmare. I had 1 plateful plus a mimosa and coffee and then my tummy somewhat rebelled! And then they set out the dessert station…UH OH. My down fall. I had a slice of cheesecake that made me forget my tummy rumbles and crankiness.
    It was agloriously beautiful day and I really enjoyed being with my family, but I am thankful these big ticket holidays don’t come up too often. I had a long walk in the faternoon instead of falling asleep on the couch like a big sludge, like I REALLY wanted to do.
    Your friend, Selina

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