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Day 6 – Rule of Blog

Pirouette all the way to beat my challenge!

I have 112 days in this challenge – which theoretically means not only 106 more days of my programme, but also 106 more blogs. And I sit here, after a very long and emotionally very draining week at work thinking – What are the rules of blogging? 

I mean – the weather today was perfect. I walked from my closet in the hotel (the room one never sells), down the stairs and looked out over what was just breathtaking. An intense sense of seasonal change all around with musky clouds and fluffy fields and a horizon sliced rhythmically by big wind turbines – and for the one step it took for the view to disappear I though “How lucky am I to be working in an environment so astonishing in its variety”. 

The day was busy. No, the week was busy, and tomorrow is going to be a thriller of note, with some major more busy – but with all that said and done – How blessed am I? 

I return to my thoughts on what are the rules – because with all that is good and kind and glorious, and with all around me that are marvelous and gentle – I still feel a sense of tired and down. What can I say – it’s been a very long week, and I am tired. 

So, 4 times 40 squats in 10 minutes at the almost end of the week was not easy, and believe me I was not in the mood. I mean it – I WAS NOT IN THE MOOD (see growling-angry-frustrated-gritted teeth Not in the mood). 

And just like that I didn’t do it! NO! I decided to go back to my peaceful and gracious days of ballet – and yes – I did 4 sets of 40 Demi Pliés. Like those I used to do when Margaret Rubidge taught us back in the Dudley Hall in Graaff-Reinet, and my mother forced me into tutu’s, because you see – the end of this week needed grace, symmetry and good memories. 

The Rule of Blog for me will just have to be that sometimes you have to change and adapt the rules slightly. Ballet today – Blog tomorrow!

One thought on “Day 6 – Rule of Blog

  1. Hi Betti-Marie. I just want to keep encouraging you. You have to have days where you relax and not push yourself too hard too. So make today one of them and instead of making it one of those mad “I will lose 4 pounds by midnight” types of days” settle for how nice your body is feeling, how smaller your tummy is getting, how loose your slacks feel, how your skin is glowing, how you are felling energised and alive. Have a swim in the pool or a deep luxurious soak in the spa, followed by a steam or maybe a massage, to get the kinks out, and you should be in nirvana in no time. Maybe have a nice low-cal smootie whipped up for you with some fruit and yogurt and ice, yummy. Sip it slowly while you relax. Take some time to be nice to YOU because I have a feeling that you take lots of time being nice to everyone else and not a lot for yourself.
    Also, just want to tell you I ADORE the statuette of the chubby ballerina, so glourious.
    As always, Selina Marie

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