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Day 51-54 – ENERGY!!

Allow me to introduce: ANGELA SCHWARTZENEGGER in training...

I cannot get over how much energy I have – even though I know theoretically I am bogging myself down with laden fats and proteins! AND – I have lost 4.1 kg – YIP, that is 9 pounds!

In reality we cannot keep this up, and it will only be another week, and then I am going to do low GI’s – but until then, I am going to enjoy all these wonderful avocado’s that I simply MUST eat. And might I add, (and Paul, you can’t give out to me too much) – this has been achieved without me having the time to go to the gym every day and do my weight training. But yes, I have religiously done my crunches, lunges and every other thing intensely for 20 minutes every morning before hitting the shower – so that must mean that the weight of my body being involved in a push up or twenty must be enough!!! Needless to say – that’s why I am doing this!

To think – that my body weight is actually enough to warrant me being my very own personal bench press. Interesting. The only worry I have is that at the end of this I might look like Angela Schwarzenegger – bootimuscilicious!

I digress as usual – for once my blog is completely on my new 40.40 challenge and less on my thoughts in general – so allow me to rectify this. We all get bombarded by lots of emails every day – I refer to them as those soppy sentimental types – that we simply delete, because we could not be bothered in a busy day to stop and read repeats of emails sent to us many times previously (and this one is for my mother – Ma, dit beteken NIE dat Ma nou weer kan begin vir my die email stuur nie!). So it happened that I opened one simply called 10/90.

And what I read, in short concise and easy to read from was: 10% of what happens to us in life is inevitable, 90% is how we interact/react to it. Think about it – it’s so simple really.

In my numerical quests, I am even happier to report that with all this new-found energy, I am also excercising the 10/90 principle – I am biting my tongue before I speak. OK – you’re right, I am somewhat biting my tongue, and being more careful of what my utterances are, and keeping myself aware of how my reaction can influence not only my day, but also those around me.

That said – I will leave you with this priceless little anecdote of me speaking BEFORE I think. I return your thoughts to Monday’s blog and my Luncheon on the Galley Cruise Ship. During conversation the topic of smoking came up, and I was very proud to say that I have quit, and that I have an app to assist me, called Cold Turkey. This app tells me how much money I have saved since the day I quit, and how much my life expectancy has increased. At the table were mostly men, and two very refined and most charming ladies.

Having heard about my savings, one lady (and I cannot stress enough how much they were ladies amongst all of us), asked if I actually put the money away, and what did I buy with the savings?

Without blinking an eye, I replied: “Condoms”

I leave the reaction to this inevitable foot in mouth event to your very accurate imagination. Blush.

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  1. Hi, Bettie-Marie,
    Have you quit your blog? I so enjoyed your posts. If you have, I am so sorry. Would you let me know where I can sign up for the new one if there is one?
    Thank you.
    Much friendship,
    Selina Marie Elizabeth McGrath Maggi Varich

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