Day 50 – Sunshine on the waters!

And the sky WAS that blue!

For all intent and purpose, I should be promoting the wonders of this wonderful establishment that is called the Brandon House Hotel, and not squeak a word of anywhere else. However, I have to tell you about my most charming day!

My boss – lovingly referred to as “Big Chief” sent me on a mission today – a Fianna Fail mission at that, and I was the representative on the Galley Restaurant Cruise for a fund-raising luncheon.

Alas, before anyone asks, Fianna Fail is currently the ruling party in Ireland, and as I am not a citizen, I have no views on any party and cannot vote, so please take this writ in the spirit it is intended.

I had two marvelous surprises. The first was the Minister of Tourism and all other related portfolios, Mary Hanifin producing a very excellent speech. That of course from the Toastmaster in me. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a gregarious and well spoken woman as our tourism spokesperson (previous ministers did NOT enthuse me, I can assure you)

Secondly, and most importantly, the whole experience of spending the midday of the longest day of the year on the River Nore in some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable in Ireland. Wow. I cannot in pictures and words describe to you how amazingly beautiful it was – and relaxing, because you see, the signal also went about 20 minutes outside of New Ross – so I had no choice but to enjoy this absolute marvel.

YES – I hear you! What did I eat? Well, I can tell you that visually all the food was sumptuous – but I had to be content with a beautiful piece of fresh salmon and lettuce leaves whilst all others were scoffing on Rich Tomato Soups and Cheesecake. Believe it or not – I did not miss the dessert, and returned to the hotel to indulge in some serious roast lamb fat to complete the meal. Now that is what I call dessert.

Did I get much work done today? Nope! And I will have to sacrifice tomorrow by coming in at ungodly hours to do it and play catch up.

It was worth it though, an assignment that I am truly grateful for – because I ended up having the most expensive piece of Salmon in Irish post-Celtic history.

Sunshine on the waters and the breeze in my hair – wearing a suit has never been so comfortable, and life can only be good.

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