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Day 5 – Good Vibration

Shake it up baby now!
Twist and Shout the calories away!

Like my excercise today – I am going to keep this short – but with HUGE impact. See, Martin decided to go gentle, yet effective by letting me rattle and roll on the Vibroplate!

I hear you – you tell me there is no such thing as a quick fix – but at 30 hz, 18230 vibration, 546 Calories and 10.9km in 10 minutes – it cannot ALL be bad. The Vibroplate is genius if it will truly turn the digits on the panel in front of you into reality. Theoretically it means if I stand on it for 10 minutes per day, I may burn as much as 3500 calories in a week!

Now it does not take Stephen Hawking to figure out that that is more than two days allowed food intake! Do I see the mirage of a Magnum on the horizon? Could it be the richest and sweetest of Ripe Fig Jam that is going to grace my toast sooner than we think?

Me thinks not! Truth be told – I did the Vibration thing before – and like with all else I think it is great as an addendum, but in the 40.40 Challenge I also want to improve my general health. To attain long term good vibrations, we all must concur – standing on a “Shake and Vac” in a closed room might not suffice.

That said…. It sure feels good to see 500 calories ticking away infront of your eyes! Good vibrations indeed.

One thought on “Day 5 – Good Vibration

  1. Hi Bettie-Marie!
    When I was young in the last century 🙂 they had these machines where you put the strap around your butt and you turned it on. While you stood there, it proceeded to jiggle your fat around. Supposedly you lost weight if you stood there and jiggled long enough. Never having had the nerve to stand and get my fat jiggled, I never tried it, but my friend did and swore by it. I never saw any weight loss on her as she was big as a house, and her fat jiggled enormously, but it did look fun. These machines must be the newer version of this type of machine, and I say if it works for you, GO FOR IT GIRL! I am all for you doing all you can to get in shape. You are a very pretty and sweet lady and I am sure you will still remain one if you choose to lose weight.
    Good luck to you,
    Your friend
    Selina Marie

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