Day 41-49 – I’m back!

All this means is I piss on a stick! He He


Some have been in contact to ask why I have so suddenly ceased to blog, and the answer is simple. I didn’t feel like it. Not an I-couldn’t-be-bothered feel like it…. a slightly down in the dumps, did not feel I had any answers to anything, sorry for myself kinda feel like it. Pathetic I know, but such are the realities of life. 

The reality is that the couple of pounds I had lost I had gained in a simple week, and the scales said that there was NO movement after everything. I felt that I had let not only myself, but also all those around me down – especially the chefs at the hotel – who have put so much into it . Embarrassed really…. And then there was this homesickness, missing friends and family, meeting truly wow and in inspirational Americans, and just one of those weeks. You know the type. 

But alas! I am back, and one colour bar away from a state of Ketosis! Now you might ask what is this, and to explain it in detail would be way too complicated, and take up too much energy (energy now saved for my daily weight and exercise regime) – but the gist of it, I have over the past 4 days eliminated sugar COMPLETELY from my diet. Yip – not a single Magnum in sight. Here’s  the irony – do I feel any hint of a craving? 

Not at all – I mean, I cannot force any more food into me if you begged me, and have even had to cut down on some portions. I have not been hungry or craved ONCE! Truly incredible. I will have to confess though, that until this morning I felt lethargic and stodgy – but this morning my eyes opened and voila – they were open – in a bright and bring on the day way! 

How did this come about? Simple really – there I was chattling away to some young whipper snapper wizz kid guru and charmer, by the name of Kevin regarding life in general, taking opportunities and the rest – when the subject of my 40.40 challenge came up. I shared my intense frustrations, my lows and my lack of weight loss with him, and he started telling me about this routine. Now I have to add – Kevin is a lanky 6’4″+ and not someone I would call excessively muscular, but will have to confess he looked more buff than the previous beanpole look he sported. So needless to say, I scoffed, because why would someone like him need to go on a diet – or “lifestyle change” as I prefer to call it. 

He explained some of it to me, and then said he will get someone to get hold of me and talk me through it. 

Now we all know those promises and statements – they seldom happen. But lo and behold, true to his word, enters not so lanky, but ever so buff Paul into my world. He drove all the way from Dublin to access me, and go though every little question and detail I had. He also has been texting, sitting on my arse and encouraging me since then – so not much chance of me getting out of this one. 

The long and the short is that I am now on a seriously high fat and protein diet for 14 days – with NO milk, fruit or sweets. I won’t be on this for longer than 14 days, then I will revert to a low Glucose Index diet. This time I am not allowing for any shortcuts – I have bought the recipe books, and am going to give it my all. 

Truly, how bad can it be – my breakfast of 2 butter fried eggs, 5 streaky rashers and three table spoons of Avocado and Philly mixed must be my favourtie breakfast EVER! Pine nuts and Emmental Cheese – steak and green beans with butter…. There is only ONE thing I like more than Magnum, and that is a nice extra large free range butter fried egg! 

So for all of you who had bought shares in Magnum Ice-creams – I would suggest selling right away, and buy into butter – lards of it! 

There’s a new 40.40 challenge on the block – and I have just over two months to get there. Wish me luck!

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