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Day 4 – Definitions

I Cod you Not!

Spin for 10 minutes – that is what my text said. Right – I realise that across the pond there is a major election going on, and that politics all round is full of “spin” – but I did not know, by definition, that me, talking pure bull for 10 minutes would burn any calories (Now-now – those of you who are holding their breath in surprise , or rolling with laughter- I don’t talk THAT much – Do I?)

Anyhow – on the phone I leap to ask for an energetic and knowledgable explanation from poor suffering Emmet in the Leisure Centre. “Oh, he says, our spin bike is only arriving in a week or two, but it’s like cycling – You can come down to this one in the gym”.

This, in theory is all fine, as I also found out that I must be the last and only person in the world that did not know of any other definition of “spin” (thanks to Sky News and Alistair Campbell). To make matters worse – I was kindly informed that I AUTHORISED  the purchase of such a piece of equipment a while ago! Ah – I might have been told – but all I can recall is that we were buying a “bike”.

Now until this “Spinner” arrives, I shall cycle on the spot for 10 minutes – comforted in the knowledge that I cannot fall. You see, this is another misconception (or urban myth) – that “It’s like riding a bike – you never forget it”.

Yes you do! I wanted to forget! After 10 years of cycling to school, in temperatures varying from -5 degrees, to 40 degrees in the shade – you’d want to NEVER see a bicycle again. And, need I remind some, that as my primary school was still in the times of “strong Calvinist views” – a good girl did not wear trousers! Nope – you had bobby socks and a pinafore. And just too bad for the early morning chill, biting into the inner sanctum of your yet undiscovered womanhood! Because the bible said so!

Enough of my “spin” (read rant).

My conscious last night got the better of me whilst already in bed here at the hotel. Yes, I had not gone for my 10 minute swim yet. Might I add – a perk of my job – I can use the leisure centre out of hours. I can NOT wear a bathing cap – and MOST importantly – I can DIVE into the warm and balmy waters of a 20 metre pool without a care in the world.

This was as close to heaven as my ingrained Calvinist guilt would allow. I mean – how would I have slept if I had not lived up to my blog. Would I have “spun” my way out of this one?

Mortification and public knowledge won the day! I’m off to go and spin some more.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Definitions

  1. Hi BM, keep up the positive attitude! ive got another tip for burning off the calories – turn off the heating! If you are a bit shivery the more calories you will burn… I know it might be difficult in the hotel as its always tropical!.. maybe you could try the other extreme – wrap up with as much as you can so you sweat your socks off… I would say b*****cks if you were a bloke ha! that reminds me by the way have you heard of the spoonerism beatty (bettie) swollocks? you will have to work that one out! will be a great name for your gym wear line!

  2. Hi Bettie-Marie
    Just bring some headphones and some rock music or the music of your choice and soon your heart will be pumping to the beat. Just try to peddle for the length of 2 songs. I do that and it works for me. I have lost 10 pounds by combining walking and watching what I eat and minor exercise. I have WAY far to go. I weigh over 200 and it is so embarrassing. But my health is poor, so I have to do it. When I walk, I listen to music of a fast nature and it is good for getting me going. Just be careful if you go when it is dark.
    Lots of good wishes and love,
    Selina Marie

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