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Day 39 – 25 hour days!

Tick-Tock.... you are feeling sleepy.......

I was reliably informed that there is no scope for any extra hours being added to any particular day soon – unless you believe all the conspiracy theorists – then I only have two years left, because 2012 is going to see the end of it all!

That sounds like a perfectly reasonable alternative to me right now, a bit of Mad Max lifestyle. A case of survival of the fittest and everything back to basics and brass tacks. Until that day arrives though, I have to make do with only 24 measly hours, and no matter which way I turn them, twist them or rattle them – they simply are not doing the job.

Then I am also reliably informed that others like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Virgin Branson have far more demanding schedules, and they manage with the same amount of hours. Now this is where I need to be restrained, tied to the old oak tree down the Five Senses lane at the bottom of the hotel, and have all sharp objects removed from me within a 7 kilometre radius. ARGH!!!!!  Infuriating – I could also do that if I was surrounded by assistants and personal secretaries et al running out of my ears.

Hang on – it gets better! Then I am told – but you have to learn to delegate!!! Right now I would even like to delegate this blog, but who is there to delegate to? Did anyone not notice outside the public sector that most of us, including all those other normal people with 24 hour days, are busy double jobbing and are already trying do the work of two people.

Did I stick to an eating plan today? NO – there was no time to eat. Did I do 10 minutes worth of excercise? NO – I was too busy running up and down the stairs between meetings and ducking and divings and Spa’s and lost tourists and the list goes on. Either I need to get more organised (some will vehemently agree with that statement) – or learn to practice what I preach – simply say “NO”.

Or I can do what our Danish trainer did – simply hold up my hand in an almost militant way – say “Hold it” very authoritatively – walk away…… and forget to come back!

Either way – just Toastmasters, write-ups, web page designs layouts, glass of wine, house cleaning and washing to go…no bother. I mean really – according to my 25 hours day, I have a whole 6 hours left to do it in! Who’s stressed now?

2 thoughts on “Day 39 – 25 hour days!

  1. I know the feeling,ever feel like just letting rip, and getting ‘blind’ drunk, with my eyes open of course so I can see the glass!!

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