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Day 38 – One step back

That's what it's all about!

Have you ever been in that place where the road is paved with the best intentions, yet you seem to feel that you are taking two steps forward and one step back on it? That sums up my day today!

In honesty I would battle to state what exactly I did today, except sit in meeting after meeting and bashing ideas. That said, I am absolutely exhausted. So I was chatting to the chief,and agreeing that when we use the ol’ noggin then we are exercising the most intense muscle of all. Or am I just fooling myself?

That said, I was definitely NOT exercising anything when I put a litre bottle of water in my handbag this morning with the nozzle open – upside down! And in hindsight, having taken that step back to see the bigger picture – that is probably where it all started going wrong.

As for my 40.40 challenge – yes the one that is the sole reason for me being here – I had a most interesting challenge put to me today. That if I eat lots of fat for 6 weeks, and do certain excercise, I will lose up to 3 stone? Mmmm, loosing weight whils teating what I like. Is that one step back too many and simply too good to be true? I smell a serious challenge though! Especially seeing I will have to urinate on a stick to measure my Kurtosis, which according to my cyber research is an economical graph – but in this case will measure my muscles. I have to be in a permanent state of Kurtosis. Interesting – and that without drugs?

What I did like about my day is being amazed that I have met a “public” servant that is worth her weight in gold. A breath of fresh air and a credit to Failte Ireland for getting something right.

And before I know it, I am standing in the lobby, chatting to Barbara and Co from the States and rushing out the door to come and write this. The day is done, never to be repeated. Where did it go?

I’m going to have to sit back and review doing things a little differently. Taking a step back and looking in to make some changes – not only to my lifestyle, but to my approach to some things.

With thanks to Bill Bailey and Kraftwerk – How about we just do the Hokey Kokey – put a right foot back and that’s what it’s all about! 

An aside – watching some of these clips – a good laugh and it’s all about “Move over Elvis, Bill Bailey is in the house” – and life is GOOD

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