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Day 36 – A little sex, and not much city!

Golden Girls = Sex and the City

What did Abu Dhabi pay HBO to have a whole film shot on location? Yes, I was very trepidatious going to see the latest rendition of what was one of my favourite tv series of all time. I was already a little let down by film numero “o no”, but after reading all the crits, assumed the worst.

My verdict is a bit undecided and confused. I mean – the phrase of the movie HAS to be: “Well hello, Laurence of the Labia” – but outside of that it was just a desert background to make the fashion  look more colourful, and most unnecessary costume changes. I mean talk about old colonial travel styles with truck loads of baggage – and not too few Middle Eastern stereotypes either.

Now Liza Minnelli was FABULOUS – and in my reconfirmed fag hag status I shall revel for the time being. And yes — I related to the distance that people will put between themselves and their loved ones for a job or a better future / prospects.

In a nutshell, maybe because I was expecting to be massively disappointed, I was pleasantly surprised. Two and a half hours of mindless amusement with a shocked giggle every once in a while,Low calorie popcorn, diet coke and one SMALL Ben & Jerry’s Cookie dough later, with a hint of pissy weather – and in all it equals a perfect bank holiday Monday.

What did I not like – HOW did they manage to get an Australian rugby team worked into the script? Truly – did they not realise that there might be a couple of southern hemisphere neighbours that would not relish in this overindulged attention… especially to their packages. And we ALL know the truth in that regard!

A part of me will always reflect on the series, but I have to allow for the natural process of aging that all us avid followers must surely be able to relate to. I appreciate that I could not spot too much Botox and implants – and in that I felt kindred and kindled. If not for the fashion, and the hint of a tryst on the beach – at least the wrinkle stayed true.

I mean – even to those iconic style icons, and straight talking geriatrics – aging can’t always be easy! Forty here we come, or what do you say, Samantha? All us golden girls must stick together!

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  1. Aging is not for ” sissies “, but hence only when you are past the golden age of 60.Bettie-Marié a long road to old age still lies ahead.

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