Day 33 – The best little……

Vuvuzelas and Black Label - wish I was there!

Allow me to share this story with you – with permission from my astounded mother, of course.

I receive a frantic phone call: “Skype me please – quickly”! Now for those who do not know, my home town in Graaff-Reinet is about the size of New Ross, but quite isolated – so prostitution and soliciting  flesh would not be something that would make for an every day occurence.

Apparently…. and this is how it goes – in a shop in GRT today the first casualty of the World Cup hit the heart of our Karoo Town. Yip – a Frenchman (or someone with similarly suave accent) approached a lady that had just preceded him into the shop – and very bluntly enquired what R200 would get him.

That part is amusing enough – the reply even better – “You think I’m cheap?”

To which he replied “And R400 (about €40)?)”

To which there was no reply. My mother who of course had no need to eaves drop, as this conversation was well within ear shot – picked up her jaw of surprise off the ground, and watched as they left in the same direction…

I know in my heart she was wondering, as many in such small towns would as well – where di they go to?

Now I realise that this is verging on the amusing, but unfortunately there is a very tragic side to all this in SA as well at the moment. For some, the World Cup has brought nothing but a last-ditch opportunity to tap a couple of cents out of the tourist base that will visit – and at any cost. It is well-known that some parents would even resort to sell their own children – what is the true legacy that this tournament is going to leave behind?

That said – I am truly proud to know that such a magnificent event is hosted in SA – and hope to have many an Afro-Irish celebration over the next weeks.

Oh yes – due to my imbibition of Rose last night – I have picked up 100grams. Ahem – and there is a Bank Holiday weekend lying ahead as well!

Viva! Viva! Viva! Viva the best little WORLD CUP in the World!

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