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Day 32 – Apple Inc

An Apple a day keeps technology at bay!

This is my first ever time blogging on an Apple. My addiction to the ol’ iPhone is beyond a joke by now – but I have never really gotten into the whole Mac mentality. That said – the keyboard is compact (read minute) and the mouse is a bit weird.

I am clearly digressing from my calorific intake, instead injesting the wonders of Apple. Should I not rather be chewing on the real deal right now – like a juicy Golden delicious – or feel my gills contract with a nice sour Granny Smith? I’d much rather spend energy finding the keys on a keyboard that is more than a bit foreign.

A conversation on modern technology is what started my day, and how hoteliers in general feel that they never had to pursue the need to know anything about IT. To a point I agree – I mean service is everything, and the experience at any hotel should be honed around the wonders of the art of giving beyond reproach. That said, I do also feel that now with our guests being more aware of technology, we would not be serving them as required if we do not at least speak the same language.

So in that lies my whole argument – we need to educate the masses – in English, and make all this accesible to all, so our patrons have a broader choice, a better experience and we know that it IS important to have free wi-fi. That just because you join a social networking site does not mean that someone is going to steal your entire identity, or funnel your millions into their own bank accounts.

Like with me typing this blog tonight on an Apple (yes, getting used to the keyboard, and it is growing on me) – it is all about choices really? Do we face our fears and get on with it – or do we bemoan the fact that we are being forced to choose away from the comfort of the known.

What have we got to loose? Oh yes????!!! My trigger word! Loose – and in my case I only want to be a loser of the calorific kind….

Yes, I lost 200g (but weighed in very early this morning) today – and not had an Apple in site!

One thought on “Day 32 – Apple Inc

  1. it just gets better and better. Some of your thoughts
    are too profound but i’m willing to let them seep in little by little,i’m in a profound mood at the moment long may it continue

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