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Day 30 – Worth my weight in gold?


I have to lose 7 of these - EVERY DAY - for 82 days!

Allow me to share a great experience with you. Today I chatted to my brother on Skype. Not so novel, I know, for some of us – but yet again I am intensely fascinated by how modern technology has truly turned the world into a little cyber squatter camp (if you have a laptop & a bit of Wi-Fi). It was so nice to see him, the family – the pet sheep, to mention but a few!

On top of that – it was also weighed in day today – 5 pounds in total only! ARGH!!! I will simply have to take ownership and put this all in perspective.

I have 82 days left to lose 35 pounds to declare the 40.40 challenge a success. To be more specific, I need to lose 194 grams per day for the next 82 days to make target (we’ll keep it sikply and say 200 grams). That equates to 1/5 of a small bag of sugar, or 1 large bar of Aero, or 1/3 of a brick of butter….. and the list goes on. This is not calories, this is purely the amount of weight I have to lose per day!

So I will stick to the butter analogy, and I have to see 200g melt away every day for 82 days. pretty daunting when you actually put it in real tangible terms, instead of some abstract calories!

That said 200g is also just a very small nugget of gold – depends on the substance…. I mean – the money spent on gaining every 200g is worth far more than a blob of butter! Gold it is then!

We have yet another perspective on the goal, but for those – like myself – that might have been distracted by my social commentary, rather than the matter in hand….

Hi, my name is Bettieboep, and I like to eat. I will endeavour to go the next 82 days by trying to shed 200g per day of my body mass. I have to go home tonight and do 10 minutes of spinning on my back. This is like riding an imaginary bicycle in the air.

All your thoughst and encouragement much appreciated! Carpe diem!

2 thoughts on “Day 30 – Worth my weight in gold?

  1. Don’t know why, but I’ve now got an image of a bug on it’s back with it’s legs franticly moving in the air!! lol

  2. Good image Carmel! Now Bettie, you know what happens to bugs that are stuck on their backs? They get stood on, so shift the 35 lbs and you’ll be able to get out of the way of all those feet…lol

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