Day 3 – Tough One

Only 53 Calories each!

Yip – one I don’t want to repeat quickly. The advantage though was that it was SO busy, that I did not even have time to think about food. After breakfast it has just been on the hop…. and away!

BUT – I would like to tell you about the two COOLEST apps I have on my iPhone. The one – Tap & Track, allows for me to log every morsel of food and every sweaty second of excercise that I do, and tells me how many calories I have left to eat. (Side note: as I googled the correct spelling of sweaty – I found Sweaty Betty Gymwear – is this a sign?).

The other РiTrail Рtells me exactly how many millimetres I have walked, how many thousands of calories I have burnt, and at what speed. It also plots my route! How awesome is that?

OK – but I know not all can be as addicted to apps as myself, so thanks to Lucy, I have added a link here for the Calorie Count website that does pretty much the same thing. Go and visit it – and make calorie counting MUCH easier.

On a high note, which is very important for all to know – there are 75 calories in one Ferrero Rocher – so I could have 3! BUT, if I have the Ferrero Rondnoir? I can have 4 because they have only 53 calories in them (making allowances for dark chocolate). And I do need some chocolate fix today.

For anyone around the Brandon House Hotel – I walked along my boss’s Five Senses Walk this morning – and was truly amazed at what a quirky visionary he was last summer. The wild flowers are starting to bloom, the earth has settled, and the grass has grown. Nice.

Now to prep myself for my 10 minute daily excercise text I received – 10 minutes of a swim later this evening. Shall I Crawl (and drown) or Breast (and float)??

P.S. Remember – if you want to receive the 10 minute excercise text – please email – he’ll add you to his list!

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