Day 26 – GUINNESS!!!


Mother's Milk

Short, black and gorgeous…. like my last pint of Guinness (YES, 270 calories per pop) – that’s going to be my blog tonight.

The end of a great week – challenging, changing and courageous, but we’re there. We have taken the first tentative steps into our new computer system at the hotel, and all are now on board.

I had no passion today for calorie counting, and did not do my 10 minutes, but I jumped around like a cheerleader with pure enthusiasm all week – so only the scales will tell the next week.

Now I am going to continue with my Bacchus induced indifference, and have another couple of glasses of red wine, and enjoy this weekend to its fullest. Who knows – we might even go for a walk.

Bare with me there – but tonight I need a life!

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I to have enjoyed the baccus, the brie, the good life these past few days, but I’m back home now and because I see my eating habits as a BIG DIMMER SWITCH it is never ON or OFF plan. Sometimes, like being in France ,it is just DIMMED for a while so I never feel too guilty, thus never have to beat myself up, thus never have to overeat to get rid of the guilt, thus feel guilty, and on and on……..JUST STAY DIM !You know you can do this.

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