Day 25 – Home Stretch

Every pig tells a story

Five days non stop in the hotel, morning noon and night comes to an end tomorrow. The Brandon House Hotel is a lovely second home indeed, but I need to inform you that I do not have the luxuries afforded a usual stay.

When here – I live in what I lovingly refer to as the broom closet (a small room with no windows except a sky light covered with black plastic tat russles with every breath) – only to move to my cubicle (read office) and back again. Of course there are many most delicious detours in-between – but that is the gist of it. En route of course there are also all our regulars that I delight in bumping into.

I am truly blessed with great craic and colleagues and company, but I am sure after this week of high-tech installations, new software and eternal positive attitudes, they will be as delighted to see the back of my large behind, as I would be of their’s under similar circumstances. Tonight it feels like I live in a commune – and the day did not have enough hours.

All that said – it was a good day though. Said installation went very well, calorie intake was minimal (due to lack of down time more than serious effort), Toastmasters meeting was well attended and had a magnificent atmosphere, and my chauffeur (sprog) did not quite kill us on the road back from Wexford Town.

Good couple of days at the office, but I am now ready to go home…. Roll down the windows, let the breeze whip through my hair, and get to the finish line in good time!

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