Day 24.1 – Beta Version

Sit down, woman! Have a cuppa tea, so!

I truly paced myself today, and took everything in its stride. But what thrilled me most – as many of you fitness and health gurus know already – is how good I felt all day. I was alert, and active, but most importantly, I was positive about everything…

Well, almost everything. We are in the middle of changing software products – and the Danish Darling that is training us has the patience of a saint. No matter how good a product is, it is only during installations that you realise what the salesman was selling you, and what is happening in practice is not always the same thing. But then again – maybe when we really like something and we want it, we hear what we want from the salesman, and our levelheaded decision making goes out the window!

Anyway – I kept my cool even when one computer literally blew up in the Penpusher’s office, was rebooted and tripped the server, whilst we were allocating codes, and then I spilt some pasta on me, and I forgot to put artificial sugar in my coffee, and my filing is so behind I cannot even remember what year I’m in, and then there is the problem with the new furniture that has mysteriously warped, and some people took offence to the fact that I said all of Ireland should be shouting for their neighbours across the pond during the World Cup (JOKES! Just checking if you are still paying attention!), and then looking at the shambles that is my office and realise – there are only 24 hours in the day!

Breath. Roll the head…… What was that? Oh, an incoming text? 400 squats???? Oh, easy it says – just put a chair behind you and sit down 400 times?

No problem! Because version 24.1 is all about the 40.40 challenge again. See you tomorrow, and sleep well!

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