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Day 23 – Proactive Procrastination

Words of inspiration from Freud himself!

  Mañana Mañana – and in that lies the root of all evil. FACT! Or in my case – the 2.5 pounds not lost in the past 3 weeks. I am three weeks into my 40.40 Challenge – and let’s be honest, the signs of clear deflection from the issue at hand does not take a Freud to recognise. 

I am not only fooling myself, I now also feel I am fooling you guys. Next step – the blaming game! Well, you could see it coming, surely – it is YOUR fault that this is not working. It was a perfectly good idea on paper, and on iPhone and in theory – but where is my mortification? Where is my determined cyber slapping of the wrist, and the reminder that I am on the wrong calorific path? 

In fairness, we know none of the above is true, and that I only have myself to blame. I am consciously talking myself OUT of exercise and INTO chocolate, and using my mouth to chew food, where I could be drinking water – or worse case scenario – some chewing gum (yuck!) 

The long and the short is I have to kick my arse back into gear – but seriously, and I clearly need a bit of encouragement. I really want to do this, but there are the wobblings of more than a bit of fat and cellulite – there is doubt, and where there is doubt, there is failure, and failure IS fear…. and I’m scared. 

I sound like some very bad motivational speaker, with every cliché in the blog. 

So I am going to get right back into it! I will be starting as if I have never dropped the ball, fallen on my face – or any other synonyms for that expression. (An aside – what do you call a similar expression if a synonym refers to a single word? I digress). 

I am going to leap out of this office with a mission, I am going to dash up the stairs, I am going to be completely proactive and get myself into bed for a good rest, because….. 

Tomorrow I start afresh – get back on track and all that – tomorrow morning first thing! 

Fingers crossed.

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