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Day 2 – Back to work

So you ask – what is the 40.40 challenge? In short – to loose 40 pounds before my 40th birthday, which is in exactly 16 weeks from yesterday!

Simple? Well it could be, except I have very little to NO self discipline, and the womanly midlife crisis that I find myself having is weighed down severely by my ever enlarging and sprawling derriere, and my exaggerated waggle. Yes – I don’t feel too good about my appearance.

That said – we can spend hours on couches analysing what causes this phenomenon (besides genetics), or simply acknowledge the love of food – excessive amounts of it has gotten me here – albeit to comfort or to taste. OH, and I quite smoking!

Everywhere I turn lately I hear about “motivational” programmes, and how many stones (lots of kilograms for those of the metric generation) have rolled off inches of cellulite, followed by: “Now it is expensive, mind you – but oh so worth it”. I realised that not the greatest motivator in the world can possibly keep me away from my Magnum Temptation, my Pate laden toast or my lashings of Cream Cheese & Fig Jam on Bagels – lovingly assembled in a chronological taste sensation, and in one sitting.

But what WOULD work for me is the “Mortification” programme. What if I shared this challenge of mine with as many people as possible – and my progress is monitored by others. Is pride not the greatest motivator of all? Would I like to acknowledge at the end of this challenge that I had failed?


So, as of yesterday, I am following the 40.40 challenge. I eat what I like, but much less of it (within reason). I measure everything in calories, and as long as I do not exceed 1500 calories I am on track. What ever excercise I do allows me to consume more calories – and is equated as such. This means I can have 2 bottles of wine and 4 slices of toast with lots of butter – OR, I can pace myself over the course of a day? Did you know that in 20 medium-sized strawberries there are only 113 calories? Or 40 centigrams (poetic license?). Did you know that a  square inch of cheddar cheese has 40 calories?

Oh – and lest I forget – the Leisure Centre is sending me (by text) a daily random 10 minute excercise I have to do by the end of the day. I am just about to embark on my brisk 10 minute walk down and up the hill (burn 94 calories). Those 10 minutes could have been one smoke break.

All sorted then. I will be blogging daily, and would encourage / invite anyone to join me. We are going to do a dish per meal in the hotel with the calorie count. If you send the leisure centre your number, they will send you the same text they send me (and NO, we will not hound you with trivial offers later).

Lastly – I am not going to state my start weight, but I will be weighing in every Monday morning – anyone who is around is welcome to join me.

All I ask is a bit of belief, a lot of encouragement – and TOTAL mortification if you see me falter.

8 thoughts on “Day 2 – Back to work

  1. Hahahaha what are the chances of me coming across this website at work. Hey my favourite auntie, Im sure you can do it. Best of luck, Im going to have to bookmark this haha.

    1. You better bookmark me! And by the way – get your dad to book that ticket! Tell him to phone me from Flightcentre! And yes – it is long over due that you make contact with this here favourite aunt – even if it is only in cyberspace!

  2. Good luck Bettie Boep. If you managed that long walk, you can surely manage 40 little (or large) pounds. As stopping smoking is not easy, neither is weight loss. It is a state of mind. You can do it but only if YOU want to do it. Sharon and I are at WeighLess, so far she has shed 35 lbs and I have shed 27. At least now I can see where I Pee!!!!

    1. Hi guys! Thanks for the belief! This worked for me once before, and then I slipped up – but I also kept it off for a very ong time. This way I can still enjoy my favourite things (in moderation) – like a good solid couple of Captain Morgans – with DIET Coke! (Only 56 calories per tot – that means I can have JUST short of a whole 750ml bottle – if I eat nothing the rest of the day!)

  3. I love it all! The picture especially and the advice! You go girl! Oh yeah, same with coffee, a cup of black coffee is 90 calories. and if you drink green tea before you work out, it helps break down the fat! Good luck and thanks for the tips. I myself need to get back in shape.

  4. het jy ‘n idee hoeveel respek ek nou nog meer vir jou het vir hierdie uitdaging? Dis ongelooflik.. Weet jy gaan dit regkry en wens ek kan dit ook doen.. Wel, jy is my inspirasie!

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