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Day 19 – Nerd! Moi?

The bigger your Ram, the worse the Spam...

What I mean by nerd, is that I love technology, and all things techie. That said, not in a way that I can recite every acronym ever invented for Windows or Mac. No, more like the way it can amuse me. My iPhone, or a cool application, or my computer. And it is of a computer I wish to inform.

Last night I took delivery of my new baby – yes, I am the proud owner (well, the Brandon House Hotel is) of a brand new laptop. Specs to die for, Windows 7 and the list goes on. The one for me – it even says it on the Magnesium Alloy Body. Ok, one of the very annoying stickers they feel they have to attach to every television, computer or piece of equipment nowadays, says it all – Work hard. Play hard!

Twenty years ago, that would have been far more apt than it is now. When you take receipt of a new piece of equipment, that same naive curiosity that would have had you sit for days pressing every button and challenging every key, has now become a more impatient curiosity. You want to do all the things that you have read about, but like with so many things, you are highly unlikely to allow for the time or patience to CHANGE!

YES! With new technology comes changes and new experiences. With new technology comes frustration. Your computer on its own will be grand, but oh my God, attach it to a network, and all of a sudden it does not know if it is single, or part of a family, or merely adopted. So where all your well calculated folders and well placed desktop icons used to be, are now new and foreign icons that you have no intention of ever finding out what they do, because you are to busy bemoaning “Why can they not just make it easy! Why can’t they just let it stay the same?”

How funny are we humans when we get older – we sometimes so badly want something new, something spontaneous, something retail therapy – only for us to realise that what we have is actually adequate and enough.

That the changes we feel we need, like new shoes, or handbags are often unneccessary. When we strip down to basics – we are still butt naked. A pen and paper and calculator might have done just as nicely.

How does this all link with my 40.40 challnege? Very BADLY, I might add. You see – all those lovely iPhone applications that calculate my every calorie, my weight graphs and my every step now have to be re-synced with my new iTunes download, and my Beta 2010 Excel spreadsheet has to talk to my old excel 2007 one, and the back-up has to be restored, and then I have to download all the programmes, and then I have to try to sync all my music and pictures and photos…. and what about all my favourites???

10 minutes excercise and food???? YOU MUST BE JOKING! Who cares about weight loss…. there is NO time, I will sync my carb intake with my calorie burning later, there is not enough time. My baby – Vicky Vaio, as I lovingly (well at time of going to press) am still referring to her needs all my attention today to turn into the type of laptop I would like her to be!

As the old Chinese proverb goes: Be careful what you wish for – you might just get it!

Change indeed.

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