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Day 18 – Hot stuff!

Now does this not look inviting? Me in 1 hour!!!

This is truly old news, but the odd obsession with the weather in Ireland is a most astounding matter. And might I add, that as I write I am sitting bemoaning the weather as much as the next person – however, I digress. Just so that you know I am not really entitled to stand on any meteorological high ground!

Today is hot – well, hot in comparison to the preceding 945 days. Today feels like a balmy and muggy summer’s day in some sub-tropical enclave in equatorial South America. It’s humid and sticky. I mean – it is all of 19 degrees celsius, and we are sweating here!

The irony is that once you get used to these mild and wonderful four-seasonal days that we are accustomed to, a “normal” day seems like such an oddity, that everyone ends up complaining anyway! One has to ask though – is it truly that hot, or is it just that we have become so used to moaning about the weather, that it is more of a conversational crutch, than a passionate debate.

Well, I have decided, like we used to on the First day of spring… and I don’t mean the Irish spring which is actually on 1st of february –  because of St Brigid – even though the ground is covered in snow and frost.. but like the one on September 1 in the southern hemisphere, that I am going for a dip in the outdoor pool in our Solas Croi Spa.

Actually, I have invited my sprog, and look forward to a balmy summer’s evening, lazing in the pool, and who knows, my low-calorie intake today might even allow for a glass of wine?

Oh, the perks of the job!

I will not complain again about the weather, as there are also murmurings of a picnic on the beach this weekend, strolls along the sand… and the list goes on! Who said romance is dead?

I’m happy to report, I am officially declaring this summer OPEN!

One thought on “Day 18 – Hot stuff!

  1. That pool definitely does look inviting…Reminds me of the outdoor pool at the water park in Andorra la Vella, on my 1st skiing trip. Looking out at all the workers slaving away in the surrounding office blocks while we soothed our aching muscles in the lovely warm water, and the snow-covered peaks in the distance. Now thats’ the life!

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