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Day 17 – Sexy legs

Nothing like wet and white winter legs!

Right! I wish to share an ever so embarrassing moment I had today (with advance apologies to the man in my life).

Picture the scene… There I was, Brandon House Hotel – May 2010. I was about to sign Brian Kennedy for the hotel as part of the upcoming Dunbrody Festival (in opposition to Crystal Swing I might add), and came bouncing down the stairs on my way to scribble my million dollar signature on the contract.

Stopped in my tracks, I did! Outside, just by the corner of the window, what would greet me – but one seriously sexy pair of legs. You know the type ladies…. toned, tanned and deliciously athletic. Then I glanced up and saw an equally tanned and toned arm casually draped over the side of the chair. Ahem – could it be the rarest of breeds? An Irish Adonis?

I picked up my salivating jaw, closed my drooling mouth and slowly creeped up to Tara whom I had to confirm the contract with.

With my tongue still slightly hanging out of the corner of my mouth, I sidled up to her and said: “Did you see that?? Oh my God, what a sexy pair of legs!”

To which she non-chalantly replied “I know…. he’s my partner!”

Mortification of a different kind! An almost middle-aged woman being caught ogling a young man’s legs – I mean really – what was I thinking. Yeah yeah – I’m only human after all! But what would the Bishop say?

Oh well – it was a sight for sore eyes. The basics stay the same – I have only 256 calories left to consume today. I think a serious 10 minutes on the vibroplate will buy me some more, so best I get back into action.

And for the record – even though I was blessed with 2 big boxes of chocolates today – I confess to only having four…..


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  1. Just coz you’r on a diet does not mean you can’t look at the menu, in every sense of the word!

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