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Day 16 – Best behaviour

If I pull my face tight enough, I can stop putting things into it!

Thanks Chef! Finally I have complete support from the home front with my challenge, and I am SERIOUSLY back on track. The bumpy and cellulite infused road of the past few days is ebbing into a smooth and controlled calorific ride – and all of that because I returned to work being greeted by curiosity and enthusiasm. Is a positive mindset not just the greatest gift we get in life?

Even though I am a little behind my weekly target – thus far I have shed 3.52739 pounds, which leaves me about a pound and a 1/2 behind schedule, and with only 36.47261 pounds to go till August – best I get more of this large rear in gear. Although the 36 already looks MUCH better than 40!

It’s always difficult to come back from a week’s break. The old inbox is satturated, everyone wants a piece of you, but most importantly just to catch up with all the happenings, or lack thereof as it was, everything taken care of most efficiently. I was missed a little bit (I say to myself of course), and having dished out my customary unwanted hugs – I am glad to be back!

The difference this time is that when we usually get a little unmotivated when change does not happen as quickly as we feel it should, we tend to fall back into old comforting habits – or into a jug of chocolate milkshake…. a jar of Jaffa cakes…..or a bag of Maltesers. So far, I have been very good, and have forced myself back into calorie counting good habits.

With all the excitement about to hit New Ross – what with Jedward being signed for the Dunbrody Festival and all things light, frivolous and invigorating, I might even be forced to change my hairstyle! I mean, instead of dollops of chocolate in my mouth, or copious amounts of gel in my hair, I could start tying my hair up again. I will ensure at the same time that it is pulled so tightly back, that my mouth is pulled narrow, like a  button-hole, and that my face is SO rigid, that I simply cannot chew…. or open my mouth.

Now there’s a thought! Maybe if I cannot open my mouth, I can stop putting my foot in it at the same time!

What are the chances?

One thought on “Day 16 – Best behaviour

  1. go bettieboep keep it up,lol at the blog,you good at this
    anyway my friends(i do have some) conor and hazel cleary are staying at your hotel next wed/thur for their anniversary,try to be nice to them
    all the best,see u soon

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