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Day 14 – Back on track

A Fork in the Road? Blame it on Sligo!

Confession – the title refers to us being back on track to the Model County, and has no reference whatsoever to me being back on track…. yet! We are definitely going to have to write this weekend off as a speed wobble, that will have to be severely re-balanced from tomorrow onwards.

It was the day for spontaneity. We skipped the evaluation contest, and hit the road, only to be detoured (guilt tripped) via Seafield for some afternoon tea. Yes Brendan, I use guilt trip in classic blame technique to ensure that you realise it was YOUR fault that I ate the cheesecake….. and the cucumber and chicken fingers…… and the chocolate biscuit….. and the Salmon Sandwich wedge….. Thank God I hate fruit scones! Even though you had me pinned down to the ground, forcing all these delicacies down my throat with the vegetarian staring on with relief, you could not get me to eat those scones! I told you I had resolve! Baked raisins indeed.

And then the dreaded text….. 4 times 40 Jumping Jacks? HA – I scoff in the face of danger (and exercise pain) today. I shall brave the new day down laden with the sence of loss, albeit not of a single pound, but of the opportunities to exercise that I had skipped (not with a rope either!) – but strong in the knowledge that I had a great weekend in great company, and that I am strengthened in spirit to face another challenge.

Bring on the new dawn! Bring on the next 98 days, and warn all and sundry of the imminent rumblings of earth as I start pounding pavements again to catch up on the pound or two that has not passed me by.

Bring it on!

3 thoughts on “Day 14 – Back on track

  1. Surely all the exercise we gave our jaws over the weekend must have burned up a couple of hundred calories?

  2. hope all those calories are going to fall off sounds like its going to take a bit more commitment, from here on in you’ll have me as some support.its great to to see your positivity i’m sure you ‘ll get the results you’r looking for onwards+ upwards. I,m a virgin at all this blogging melarky sure here goes

  3. I’m afraid you can’t blame me for the fork in the road detour to Seafield – we weren’t given any forks! Besides, hasn’t your resolve to succeed now been strengthened by the vista of afternoon tea delights that were set before us?

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