Day 13 – 100 days to go!

Fawlty Towers says it all!

Oh my God!!! Look at the hour! I’m getting back into good habits, and blogging at the end of the day at the latest…. and what a bold girl I’ve been – staying up till now? And speaking of beyond the pumpkin hour – am I the only South African living in the northern hemisphere missing pumpkin fritters with cinnamon with a passion beyond belief?  Ahem – NO, butternut is lovely, but it is NOT a Boerpampoen!

For those not in the know, I always vow that when I go to another hotel, I would never want to do unto them what I would not want done on myself. Hence, I never criticize another establishment, unless their frailties are so pronounced that you have no choice. Tonight is such a night – I mean I had to call the manager! Without going into detail, another night that you truly appreciate what you have, but most importantly, I am yet again blessed with such friendly and kind staff!!! I love you guys! (Yes, 3 glasses of wine and 2 Guinness – but I will repeat it in the sobriety of morning).

Tonight I had 4 courses thrown in front of me, I had red wine spilt over not only the cloth, but also my plate. I have been shoved, I have been prodded, and I have been ignored. All the time I have to remind myself I am at a “Gala” dinner. Poor Carmel is keeping me awake in the early morning hours through the sound of her stomach aching with the pangs of hunger. Now we might question her being a vegetarian – but RAW courgette? For a main course? Even I had sympathy, and it does not come easily to vegetarians!

I digress though – great speeches today. Wexford’s bid for the 2010 conference officially noted, and have met some wonderful, diverse and colourful characters. What more can you want?

Oh yes – I received a text in the past hour and a half, reminding me that I can exercise any time, and that it is not to late to go brisk walking for ten minutes? In your dreams, Marcin! I am still in dim mode. Try again tomorrow!

Alright so…. I will start the day with a brisk walk, and as my penance will do the other 10 minute exercise as well. IN total I have had 2434 calories today, and that does not include my two pints of Guinness!

Lovely as it was, Thelma and Louise both agree – we miss our men, and want to go home! Wexford…. be warned, we’re copming back!

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