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Day 11 – Toastmasters

I'm the one on the right!!! I swear!

I’m officially in full-on Toastmasters mode. Great meeting this evening, with hysterical Tall Tales to boot, and off to Land of Heart’s desire Conference tomorrow with Hop-Along Carmel – in Sligo. Apparently the after effects of delicate keyhole surgery should rather be interpreted as bolt-hole surgery – not much different to the insertions made in Frankenstein’s head.

I have spent the day “saving” calories for the weekend, although we all know that’s not the way this works. I have had NO instructions what so ever about exercise, and I can only state that I have done none. I officially have had a day’s holiday.

For those not in the know – I am a total and complete information junkie, with a penchant for all things modern technology. Today I finally realised that it can also be a curse! I know it’s great to settle every argument or curiosity with instant access to internet, or an app – but sometimes we have to remove ourselves from all this, and simply be. It’s good for the psyche. I have deactivated my emails for the duration! What was that? I couldn’t do it? Well, I did!

So what have I learnt from today? Apparently if you don high heels if you are a tad overweight (read deliciously plump), then the “stones” fall off you. This statement clearly did not take into consideration someone like myself, who in bare feet towers towards 6 foot, and who in heels look like a misplaced Drag Queen, and releases the urge to speak in deep Ivan Rebroff dulcet tones, whilst adjusting my underwear repetitively.

All that is now left is to pack me little bag in the morning, complete my outfit for the fancy dress tomorrow night – Saint or Scholar??? – and hit the road to the other side of Ireland, with a most delicious lunch break with Claire and Co in Mullingar!

O happy days!

One thought on “Day 11 – Toastmasters

  1. Dear Bettie-Marie, i can picture this most vividly. absolutely hilarious your description of a “Misplaced Drag queen”. Oh, my stomache ached from laughing. I have known some boys in my life that thought they were the prettiest women EVER, and Selina had to sorrowfully tell them that, umm, no, they were NOT. The beards and mustaches were much too prominant to make them convincing as any type of maid Marion. Maybe Mary. Your outfit does sound delightful and I so glad you won the prize (me having read the previous blogging too).
    see you back at our LOVELY BHH&SCS soon. I don’t know how they can get by without you. Keep up the good work on your program, I’m sure you are trying hard and it must be difficult when traveling. I know that is when I have the worst time.
    Much love, Your friend, Selina

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