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Day 10 – Yesterday

Something Buff for both sides!

For the millions following my mortification approach religiously – my apologies for the late post – but I was in the “Big Smoke” yesterday, and did not get around to sit in front of the pc till now.

Free!!! That’s what my afternoon cost me – nothing! And you might ask what did I get up to? Well, Lucy and I went to the Natural History Museum next to Leinster House, and it was Free! Actually – all the national museums in Ireland are free! How things change – I can recall when I arrived first that this was not the case, and I think it is something that they should emphasise far more than they do. it’s nowhere on their website, and only when I emailed regarding the cost of a day visit, was I informed of this brilliant news! Well worth going to see no matter how young or old you are.

Notorious for my lack of direction however, I wish to admit to my blondest moment yet. I followed the signs to get to Grafton Street, but only realised 1/2 hour into my walk that I was following VEHICLE signs – so I was walking along the ONE WAY, in the opposite direction of Grafton Street all along. O such folly – I truly am completely directionally dysfunctional. And it gets worse, because you cannot even follow the sun – this time of the year it’s always in the sky, or cloudy! Woe woe!

Back to the Challenge though – I hope that my getting lost also lost me some calories, because I allowed myself a viciously decadent treat last night. I do declare – I am an Eddie Rocket’s Virgin no more! What a lovely event! Yes, I measured out each delicious calorie carefully – but I have to congratulate the staff, the food and the experience at the Parnell Square establishment for a job well done. I also had my first “slider”, which is the PERFECT nibble burger – FUNSIZE instead of SUPERSIZE me in future, please!

To conclude my day out, we took a scenic drive through Phoenix Park, and went to see two plays at the Gay Theatre festival – of which the first should have been on the national stages, and made to be compulsory in these times. Besides absolute tour de force acting, it was probably the most comprehensive and touching rendition of what it must have been like for the victims of all the abuse scandals. Rather than us talking about it in disbelief withguilty relief that it did not touch us personally – having seen this I realise that I feel not only pity for victims anymore, but a tangible deep sense of the pain that all this must have caused, especially for one’s SO very young.

Sorry – heavy stuff, but it was the best one man play I have ever seen; It has been rightly accoladed across the globe, only for it to play to a couple of people in Dublin. Why? Because the official Gay theatre fest and the New Gay Theatre fest are having a bitch fight – and running two festivals at the same time – all of this we found out last night! If not even the gay community can work together in harmony under one rainbow – how are the rest of us poor souls meant to make head or tails out of all this global drama?

To conclude my belated post – I did do my novel excercise yesterday! Whilst waiting for Luce at Marks & Spencer (who’s M&S re-branding ain’t working – another story), I did as instructed, and scaled many a bottom shelf, read labels for a minute at a time, whilst haunching at 90 degrees (or there abouts) all the time. I did this 10 times, and have bought things that I really did not need!!! Thanks Marcin!

P.S. The play was called “The Tricky Part”, at the Teacher’s Club; 36 Parnell Square West; 8pm every night until Saturday. You can book online at – but I would say that with the attendence I saw last night you could just arrive. It is well worth the ONLY €15.

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