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Day 1 – 40.40 Challenge

That was actually yesterday! 4 litres of water later – a sprint up the country. Much washing and 1445 calories of food intake. That’s all I can say about that. Oh yes – and 40 SLOW push-ups, as instructed – in 10 minutes.

Right, it does not highlight what the 40.40 Challenge is all about – but I will reveal all later. All I need to say is that I have started – with DIFFICULTY.

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – 40.40 Challenge

  1. Mortification Tactics…Absolutly best weight loss approach.Worked for me! So if I see you near the bain-marie at breakfast time I can shout “Get your fat-arse away from them sausages!!!”, and be assured that my job is still intact? Good luck with 40:40!!

    1. Of course you can! That’s the whole idea… already today I was hovering around the very crispy arse of the turkey Martin cooked for carvery – and got my knuckles rapped even before I could conjur up the thought of picking!

  2. Dip 6-10 medium strawberries in 1-2 squares of 70-80% melted dark chocolate,yummy ,but so low in cals, eat slowly with a nice cup of coffee.

    1. Now Mrs – it’s going to be interesting in Sligo though! The beauty about the strawberries are that I like them plain. The sadness about the dark chocolate is – I like them plain as well!!! and not just one or two squares either!

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