Non-National? Me arse!

We are oneI’m a PROUD Afro-Irish Wexfordian who is born and raised South African, but love and adore my adoptive home, and intend to spend the rest of my days here. Yes, I’m a foreigner, but I’m no “Non-National”.

There is WAY too much PC in this world.

And the sad reality is the press ain’t helping. Enter “Magda” – who a TD referred to no less than 9 times on NewsTalk yesterday morning as a “Non-National”. Do they even stop and think what this supposed politically correct phrase implies – it means a person with NO nationality. She is Polish.

I wander if we re-christen all St Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world outside Ireland as “Non-National’s Day” would it be accepted?

Everyone – even “Non-Nationals” have a country of birth, and in most cases very proud of it – None ever as proud as even the most diluted of Irishman, who is proudly celebrated and reverred and welcomed in every corner of the world annually.

Afford us who choose to call this beautiful island our chosen home the same courtesy – as a “Duo-National” I can be twice as proud!